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A Sample of Some Lighting Options Please note: these are simply samples of what there is to offer, not all products may be used for all affairs pending on the location of the event and/or stipulations by venue location and your specific needs, wants, and budget.

Add this new exclusive DJMG Plasma DJ Booth to enhance your next party or event!

Showcase your guest of honor by having us display their name, photo, or custom message. Say something nice about your guest, or simply display a photo montage!

Red Laser Shapely Patterns

Green Laser Lighting (Beams move to the music AWESOME effect)

Click here to see a sample

Black Lighting

Color Revolving Projecting Lighting

Color Shapely Projecting Lighting

PIN Spot Lights

Specialty simulated water running effect

Light-up Dance Platforms/Furniture Cubes.

Enhance any entertainment package with any one or combination of these!

Specialty Simulated Fire effect

> Strobe Lights

Bubble Machine (for the wow factor, smaller machines also available)

Fog Machines

Lighted Back Drop

***NEW Intelligent Spot Lighting put a spot on your affair by putting your guest of honor(s) name in the spotlight, Just like Hollywood!!! (great for wedding, corporate galas, and mitzvah celebrations).

Click here to see a sample

Confetti/Steamer Cannon (especially great for surprise parties or for intros) Also available for T-shirts and stuffed animals.

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