Mickey Gordon (a.k.a. Mickey G) since the age of 2 has been talking, & talking, & talking & yup you guessed it, TALKING…. His parents used to call him MOTOR MOUTH because he just wouldn't shut up for a second! Through the years his talking ability has worked for his advantage.

By the time he was 13 he started his DJ Company [DJ Mickey G Entertainment]. He had always been a great dancer along with sister and dance partner Helena Sherilyn; showcasing and competing. Performing for his company involved more than just fancy ballroom and hip hop moves but an excellent MC style which involves, TALKING!!!! Lots and Lots of talking!

As an MC, his charisma on the microphone has earned him great esteem amongst his peers and the community. Mickey has hosted over thousands of parties/special events over the years and has been published in numerous publications.

Moreover, Mickey's delivery on the MIC is superb. He is spontaneous and creative. Every line, every delivery is smooth and flows naturally.

Knowing Mickey's gift of "Gab" a career in Radio/TV Broadcasting and Voice Over is perfect.

As an Alumnus in the field Broadcasting Communications from Widener University, Chester PA, he was very active for the campus radio station WDNR [as the station's top personality], the campus nightclub[MC/DJ], Theatre, and Television Studio. Knowing that the broadcasting industry is a struggle, Mickey's energy and determination would find him much success as today’s next great Broadcast and Voice Over talent.

Let Mickey's Voice work for you!

If you are looking to enhance your next project, commercial, website, telephone system etc, Mickey is the Man!

If you’re looking for a great new personality/talent for your Radio or TV station, Mickey is the Man!

"The Right Choice is Mickey's Voice!"






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